Sworn Interpreting

What type of sworn interpreting do I offer?

The list of the services I provide is here.

What is sworn interpreting?

Sworn interpretation (also certified or official translation) is the interpretation performed by a sworn translator in cases that require it.

Which situations require the services of a sworn translator?

A sworn interpreter can be hired by a private client as well as the state authorities. Here are some situations that require sworn interpretations if one of the parties doesn’t understand the official language: weddings, paternity recognition, interrogation in the residence agenda, court proceedings and other.

Who can perform an act of sworn interpretation?

This has to be a sworn interpreter certified according to the rules of the country. Each country has its own requirements that a person must fulfill to become a sworn translator. Therefore, it’s not uncommon that some countries accept only sworn interpretations performed by interpreters certified in that country. I have been named and certified in the Czech Republic and Spain which means I can provide these services in both these countries.

Do you have any question?

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding the translation process or the services I provide.