Services I Offer

Sworn Translations

I provide translation and interpretation services between Czech and Spanish.

I am a sworn translator named in both the Czech Republic and Spain which means I can provide services in both these countries. I translate all types of legal documents, here are some examples:

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Tax reports
  • Social contracts
  • Documents necessary for the constitution and registration of companies
  • Translations of documents requested by state authorities

Sworn Interpreting

I am a sworn interpreter named in both the Czech Republic and Spain.

I can accompany you as a sworn translator in the following cases:

  • Interrogation in residential matters
  • Legal acts at the Civil Registries
  • Appointments at the state authorities of the Czech Republic
  • Other

I also work as a court interpreter for state authorities.

Electronic Sworn Translation

I provide also electronic translations with my qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate recognized in both the Czech Republic and Spain.

More about electronic translations

Simple Translations and Interpretation

I provide also simple translations which don’t require the stamp or the electronic signature of a sworn translator, for the following languages: Spanish, Czech, German, English

I offer my interpreting services also in cases when simple translation is required.

Do you have any question?

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding the translation process or the services I provide.